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1 سبتمبر 2019

Cotton clothes:
The fabrics of clothes are many and varied, as they vary between linen, wool, leather, and silk, in addition to cotton and others with the multiplicity of types.
But cotton clothes do not cause any allergies. Cotton is natural and does not contain any chemicals, so it is better, or rather, it is necessary for people with sensitive skin to resort to cotton clothes and for this reason, most underwear is made of cotton, as well as clothes for children
Also, cotton clothes are not affected by high heat, which makes it a good insulator from the sun's rays. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing you to feel comfortable throughout the year.

Classic Clothes:
The fact that the dress is old does not mean that it is an old fashion. From this concept, the classic stems from its elegance and elegance over time.
The classic forms can be mentioned as follows: the first is the shoe, which should be from classic boots and stay away from sports shoes, then the necktie, as the elegance of the classic is not complete without it, and of course the neckline needs the appropriate shirt, preferably with a full sleeve, and finally choose the colors that are consistent with each other So as not to cause distortion of the external view.

Back to school clothes :
Returning to school is always associated with the entry of the autumn season, which witnesses a climate change from high temperature to low with the onset of rain. This change is followed by a change of clothes, so warm clothes must be worn.
Like full-sleeved T-shirts and jeans, but with children in schools in the Arab world accustomed to wearing a uniform, which is one of the basic school rules, it does not matter what kind of company designed the clothes chosen, what matters is that it is cotton to give comfort and warmth to the wearer.
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